[p.s.] Vedran Mimica

Almost all projects that came out of the "Children's room" attempt to create a setting for a way of life that hasn't yet been established in Croatia, and if it were, these projects and strategies would carry urban and vivacious quality, bringing this part of the world closer to the democratic standards of Western urbanity.

This conclusion leaves a feeling of unease, because the genesis of these projects comprised the analytic process of mapping and sampling of the local phenomena.
The project's answers come from the research results.

So it seems logical to ask "Why not?", why is it not possible to imagine implementing of such projects, because they do not belong to the playful domain of the children, but present a logical and intelligent answer by a new generation of Croatian architects to the extremely controversial surrounding of transition, post-modernism and post-history.
However, the "Children's room" adventure continues, and it would be a good thing for the children never to grow up, and as for Vladimir, I know he never will.